Urge President Obama to submit FY 14 budget without restrictions on abortion coverage!

Take action to support a clean FY 14 budget - no restrictions on coverage of abortion care.


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The Issues

President Obama will soon send his yearly federal budget to Congress and he has a decision to make: he can withhold abortion coverage from women who get their insurance or health care through the Federal government, or he can lift the restrictions on coverage of abortion care.

Act now! Ask President Obama to send a budget to Congress that lifts the restrictions on coverage of abortion care. 

Every year, politicians use our nation’s budget process to deny health coverage for the cost of abortion care for women who get their health coverage through the US government, including Medicaid-eligible women and Medicare beneficiaries; Federal employees and their dependents; Peace Corps volunteers; Native American women; women in federal prisons and detention centers, including those detained for immigration purposes; and low-income women in the District of Columbia.

Some politicians in Washington don't want abortion to be legal at all, so they promote bans that withhold abortion coverage and make it unaffordable.  Politicians shouldn’t interfere with a woman’s ability to make her own health care decisions.

Reproductive health decisions are better made by a woman in consultation with her family, her doctor, and her faith. For a woman to be able to make a real decision based on what’s best for her circumstances, she needs to be able to afford it.  And when a woman needs to end her pregnancy, it is important that she has access to safe medical care.  Insurance coverage ensures she can get the care she needs from a licensed, quality health provider.

Sign the petition and ask President Obama to help us keep politicians out of our families’ personal medical decisions -- send a budget to Congress that lifts restrictions on coverage of abortion care.


Petition text

To President Obama:

We appreciate the important steps your administration has taken to protect and expand access to reproductive health care over the past 4 years through the Affordable Care Act. These new policies put us on the right track towards improving the health disparities women face, but there is still more we can do to level the playing field for all women across this country.  We urge you to support women’s personal decision making and health by omitting all language from your in Fiscal Year 2014 budget request that would restrict coverage for abortion care.


All women – whether they have public or private health insurance – should have access to abortion coverage so that they can make personal health decisions based on what is best for them and their families. But since the passage of the Hyde Amendment in 1976 and other bans subsequently added to the federal budget throughout the years, Congress has withheld health care assistance for abortion services in publicly-funded health insurance. These policies create unjust obstacles to care for federal employees and those who already face significant barriers to receiving high-quality care, such as low-income women, immigrant women and women of color.


Every woman should have affordable and comprehensive health care that includes coverage for the cost of abortion, regardless of the type of health insurance she has. No woman should have the decision about whether to have an abortion made for her because she can’t afford medical care. Please remove these barriers to abortion coverage and continue our progress towards a more just and equitable society.


Sincerely –





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